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How Much Do Computer Technicians Make An Hour

An individual functioning as a Computer Technician in Mexico commonly wins around 19,500 MXN every month. Pay rates run from 10,200 MXN (most reduced) to 29,900 MXN (most elevated).

This is the normal month to month pay including lodging, transport, and different advantages. PC Technician pay rates fluctuate radically dependent on experience, aptitudes, sex, or area. Underneath you will locate an itemized breakdown dependent on a wide range of criteria.

The middle, the greatest, the base, and the range

How Much Do Computer Technicians Make An Hour

Compensation Range 

PC Technician compensations in Mexico go from 10,200 MXN every month (least pay) to 29,900 MXN every month (greatest pay).

Middle Salary 

The middle pay is 18,800 MXN every month, which implies that (half) of individuals filling in as Computer Technician(s) are gaining under 18,800 MXN while the other half are procuring more than 18,800 MXN. The middle speaks to the center pay esteem. As a rule, you would need to be on the correct side of the chart with the gathering procuring more than the middle compensation.


Firmly identified with the middle are two qualities: the 25th and the 75th percentiles. Perusing from the pay conveyance outline, 25% of Computer Technician(s) are gaining under 13,000 MXN while 75% of them are procuring more than 13,000 MXN. Likewise from the chart, 75% of Computer Technician(s) are acquiring under 23,400 MXN while 25% are gaining more than 23,400 MXN.

The experience level is the most significant factor in deciding the pay. Normally the more long periods of experience the higher your compensation. We separated Computer Technician compensations by experience level and this is the thing that we found.

A Computer Technician with under two years of experience makes around 11,500 MXN every month.

While somebody with an encounter level somewhere in the range of two and five years is relied upon to acquire 15,500 MXN every month, 34% more than somebody with under multi year's understanding.

Pushing ahead, an encounter level somewhere in the range of five and ten years handles a pay of 20,100 MXN every month, 30% more than somebody with two to five years of experience.

Furthermore, Computer Technician(s) whose aptitude range anyplace somewhere in the range of ten and fifteen years get a compensation proportional to 24,400 MXN every month, 21% more than somebody with five to ten years of experience.

On the off chance that the experience level is somewhere in the range of fifteen and twenty years, at that point the normal pay is 26,600 MXN every month, 9% more than somebody with ten to fifteen years of experience.

Ultimately, workers with over twenty years of expert experience get a compensation of 28,000 MXN every month, 5% more than individuals with fifteen to twenty years of experience.

PC Technician Salary Comparison By Education 

How do instruction levels influence compensations?

Shown underneath is the normal compensation distinction between various Computer Technician(s) who have a similar encounter however unique training levels.

We as a whole realize that advanced education rises to a greater compensation, yet what amount more cash can a degree add to your salary? We separated Computer Technician pay rates by instruction level so as to make an examination.

At the point when the instruction level is Certificate or Diploma, the normal compensation of a Computer Technician is 14,500 MXN per month.While somebody with a Bachelor's Degree gets a pay of 26,100 MXN every month, 80% more than somebody having a Certificate or Diploma degree.

In spite of the fact that sexual orientation ought not affect pay, in actuality, it does. So who gets paid more: men or ladies? Male Computer Technician representatives in Mexico gain 14% more than their female partners.

The normal compensation for Computer Technician is 16% not as much as that of Other IT. Likewise, Other IT pay rates are 10% not exactly those of Information Technology.

The time-based compensation is the pay paid in one worked hour. Typically employments are grouped into two classifications: salaried occupations and hourly occupations. Salaried employments pay a fix sum paying little mind to the hours worked. Hourly employments pay per worked hour. To change over compensation into time-based compensation the above equation is utilized (accepting 5 working days in a week and 8 working hours out of every day which is the standard for most occupations). The time-based compensation figuring may vary marginally relying upon the worked hours out of each week and the yearly excursion remittance. The figures referenced above are acceptable approximations and are viewed as the standard. One significant contrast between salaried representatives and hourly paid workers is additional time qualification. Salaried representatives are generally excluded from extra time rather than hourly paid staff.

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